To have a pleasant, player-friendly environment, PokeClash looks onto following simple rules and guidelines to help our community orient itself towards respect and conviviality. Staff will be tasked with enforcing these rules or reporting abusive behavior to Administrators - so please, make sure that you are aware of these.

General Server
- No griefing, raiding or stealing of player-made and server structures, even in unclaimed land.
-Scamming is considered stealing, and will result in a ban.
-Using PvP to steal another’s inventory is not allowed.
- Mods such as X-Ray and Gameshark are strictly forbidden. Minimaps using an entity tracker are included in this category.
- You are not to give out the locations of shrines, towns and any other landmark, including quest-related markers.
- Abusing glitches and bugs, with or without reporting them, is forbidden.
- Excessive use of Pixelmon furniture, redstone mechanisms will be dismantled due to excessive lag in the region. The 'region' is defined by the area loaded when a player stands still for 30 seconds.
- Like the previous rule, Staff will destroy excessive apricorns if there are more than 40 in the same region.
- Asking for help regarding the questions within applications is not allowed, however, Staff can be called on if assistance is needed regarding Enjin.
- Pursuing or attempting to pursue any illegal activities as per your countries legislation will result in a ban or temp-ban. Such activities include, without being limited to; hacking, identity theft, scamming, breaching of privacy and impersonation.
- Blissey/Chansey training is not allowed, unless the Pokemon is fully evolved and lvl 50 +.

Chat and Forum
- Refrain from excessive usage of capital letters in chat. YES is fine, more than 4 words is not.
- Curses like shit, fuck, damn, hell are allowed. Explicit ones like fucking, are not. Refer to the Language Book in-game for more details.
- Harassment, insulting, bullying and spamming of the chat and in private will be dealt with by a mute or a permanent ban.
- Advertising of other Minecraft servers will result in an automatic permanent ban.
-Self-advertisement of items such as Twitch, Youtube, Twitter and else is not allowed.
- Respect towards Staff and Players is of utmost importance no matter the situation.
- Abuse of permissions and power by Staff members and Players given can result in sanctioning by the Administrator team.
-English is the main language of the server, but you can use other languages in the public chat.

If there is any questions, please address a staff member on Server, Discord or Website.