How to apply mods to tools/weapons


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Tool/Weapon Mods
The modifier system is an enchanting overhaul and tool leveling system.
You can still enchant and such with vanilla books and such, this is just an add-on system to enhance gameplay!
Instead of enchanting gear, you modify it with modifiers.
Modifiers can be crafted or obtained via staff commands.

Getting started
Upon crafting any vanilla tool or armor, it’ll automatically be MTS compatible.
With default settings, all items start off with 1 modifier slot.
Each modifier has a recipe by default but recipes are not required!
Once you’ve picked a mod and crafted it, you can apply it to your item.

Applying modifiers to items
To apply modifiers to items you must hold the item in your off-hand, the modifier item in your main-hand, and right click a bookshelf.
Each modifier applied takes up a modifier slot.

More about slots and item leveling
Items gain one slot each time you level up the item.
As you dig blocks, attack mobs, etc, your item will gain XP. Once it gains enough XP it’ll level up and gain another slot.

Modifier Recipes
To find out a recipe for the modifier, simply do /mt mod in-game and obtain the necessary materials used to craft that certain mod! Some mods cant be placed on certain things! After obtaining those items, craft them within a crafting table!

If you have any weapons that you made before the mod was installed, simply hold that item in your hand and do /mt convert
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