Staff member
User name: MysterJoker

What is your discord username? MysterJoker

Please provide the Minecraft username that you are applying with MysterJoker

Which position are you interested in? Helper

Have you been staff on a Minecraft server elsewhere before? No

If you have been staff elsewhere and are applying for a position above Moderator please provide photo evidence as well as a description of duties performed

How long have you been playing on the PokeClash Pixelmon server? 2 Months

How old are you? 22

How many hours per week do you believe you will be able to dedicate towards performing staff duties? 5-10

Is English your first language? * Yes

Do you speak any languages other than English? If you do, please list them. Portuguese, Spanish

What Country do you live in? * Portugal

What is your Timezone? * Western European Time

Are you currently staff on any other servers? * No

You're upset that a player won't listen to your requests, what do you do? * First I will never be upset and second if they dont listen me I make them listen and see what is the problem, because there are alot of kind of people teens, young boys/girls, kids ,etc. Which will depends of the problem in the situation of matters.

Players start telling you that you’re an abusive Helper and start pointing out all of your flaws, but they haven’t broken any chat rules. What do you do? * First I will be quiet and listen what they had so say to me. Then I will respond when I am being abusive and with what/who so I can solve the problem the most peacefull way.

You see two staff arguing in global Minecraft chat on the server. One is a Moderator and one is a Helper, what steps do you take? * I will Calm them down them I will put them in a private room where i listen both part and figue it out the porblem and solve it nice and easy

Someone accuses another player of hacking while you are on the server, what do you do? * First i will do some spying (invisible of course), then trying to use some bait if necessary, inform myself of the hacks and tools/mods that are banned from this server. Then banned him for hacks.

A new player joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * Talk to him to see the problem, and listen to him and always to answer his questions, but that depends of the situation and the reason of the person

A player that has put a lot of time on the server joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * Then again see what is the problem, helping him in the best way possible (depending of the situation).

Someone lets you know that their friend is abusing a bug but they don't have any more information to provide, what steps do you take? * Trying to see the bug, then inform myself of the kind of bug is it, with the internet search and talk to older Staff members to solve this. And ofcourse talk to the person who is using the bug to let it go.

A player directly messages you saying that they've donated over an hour ago and it hasn't gone through yet, what do you do? * First talk to the person who is responsable of the donations to verify me if there where an error or didnt recive it, then I try to talk to the olayer if he have some sort of proof of the donation like a payment verification check.

If there were no staff on the Minecraft server, to whom or where would someone report a player / bug? * Putting a message through discord/email of the server trying to report the info of it, and solve quick and peace the problem.

Name 7 Pokemon that are evolved through trade * Machamp, Gengar, Alakazam, Trevenant, Golem, Gigalith, Conkeldurr

How would someone evolve an Eevee into a Sylveon? * With Max Happines.

Name 5 move types that are super-effective against Grass type Pokemon * Sludge Wave(Poison), Icebeam(Ice), Flamethrower(Fire), Aerial Ace(Flying), Bug bite(Bug).

What is the latest generation of Pokemon that Pixelmon Reforged has added? * Generation 7.

What would you rate yourself out of 10 when describing your level of maturity? * 9

How do you deal with stress? * Deep breath, relax and sleep, I am not really stressed person. Iam always calm on things. The only thing that stress me out is, if I have alot to do and having no time + doing it alone.

How would you go about fixing a mistake that you made on the server if someone informed you that you made one? * Well I will say thank you for telling my mistake and I will solving it the best reasonable and polite way as possible.

Why do you want to part of the PokeClash staff team? * I have always wanted to help the people around me, since I work in a Hospital is always good to see the happines of the people we are helping, like their joy is my joy too.

What can you bring to the team? * My full support, my opinions, my ideas and work and all the help I can give, ofcouse that I am not always in the computer, so I will help only in my way as much possible for you.

Why do you think you are qualified to a part of the staff team? * I work hard, I am peacefull, Dedicated, I persist in something, and most of all I want to help you.

Anime? * Yes