Staff member
Username: rvockk

What is your discord username? rvock#0999

Please provide the Minecraft username that you are applying with heightissues

Which position are you interested in? Moderator

Have you been staff on a Minecraft server elsewhere before? No

If you have been staff elsewhere and are applying for a position above Moderator please provide photo evidence as well as a description of duties performed n/a

How long have you been playing on the PokeClash Pixelmon server? Joined 20/02/21 Play time is 2 hours 16 min

How old are you? 15

How many hours per week do you believe you will be able to dedicate towards performing staff duties? 20-30

Is English your first language? * Yes

Do you speak any languages other than English? If you do, please list them. n/a

What Country do you live in? * United States

What is your Timezone? * PST

Are you currently staff on any other servers? * No

You're upset that a player won't listen to your requests, what do you do? * Depending on what I ask them but I will make a scene as if I was moderating chat and saw a person saying something racist towards a player or anything rude I would give them a warning they keep doing it, I will take action with a 10 minute mute if they keep it up after the mute it will be an hour mute then I don't really know the whole entire mute system but I would take it calmly.

Players start telling you that you’re an abusive Helper and start pointing out all of your flaws, but they haven’t broken any chat rules. What do you do? * I'd simply say "I don't think I'm doing anything wrong but if I am doing something that bothers you would you be able to tell me?"

You see two staff arguing in global Minecraft chat on the server. One is a Moderator and one is a Helper, what steps do you take? * I'd msg both staff members "Hey {Staff Member} can you guys please not start arguing on the server because I don't want other players complaining about this and that would be greatly appreciated and try to work it out nicely"

Someone accuses another player of hacking while you are on the server, what do you do? * Please don't argue about this (that's if they are arguing) If you can send me any proof of the player hacking that would be nice (if they don't have any proof I would tell the player to let it go then go in vanish and spectate the accused player of cheats)

A new player joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * Hello {Player}, can we keep it PG, please. ty

A player that has put a lot of time on the server joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * I would say the same thing above all players should be treated equally.

Someone lets you know that their friend is abusing a bug but they don't have any more information to provide, what steps do you take? * "What bug is your friend Abusing?" "Duping Bug" well in this situation pretty simple "do you have a video of evidence or this "duping bug abuse"?" "no" then I will go into /v then spec the "accused player"

A player directly messages you saying that they've donated over an hour ago and it hasn't gone through yet, what do you do? * I will simply go msg an admin or the owner whoever is in charge of the payments and check the Paypal and if it did go thru I will send the items but I will check the console if the items went thru first of course and if they lie about it I would take action by saying a warning of "I asked {a payment manager} for the details on the Paypal and none have processed thru recently so please don't lie next time, take this as a warning!"

If there were no staff on the Minecraft server, to whom or where would someone report a player / bug? * I would ask the staff on discord if they could fix a bug and a player report I can handle just need the key ingredients as in *evidence* *proof* and *player name*

Name 7 Pokemon that are evolved through trade * Kadabra, Haunter, Machoke, Poliwhirl, Onix, Pumpkaboo, and Swirlix.

How would someone evolve an Eevee into a Sylveon? * You need to increase Eevee's Friendship to three-hearts, and then learn a fairy type move then level it up.

Name 5 move types that are super-effective against Grass type Pokemon * Poison, Bug, Fire, Ice, and Flying

What is the latest generation of Pokemon that Pixelmon Reforged has added? * Generation 8

What would you rate yourself out of 10 when describing your level of maturity? * 9

How do you deal with stress? * Honestly, I would do something that calms me down like listening to music or talking to close friends.

How would you go about fixing a mistake that you made on the server if someone informed you that you made one? * I'd fix it by, repeating what I did/said in the correct way by asking for a little help on what I was mistaken by.

Why do you want to part of the PokeClash staff team? * I've never got to become staff and I love this server already, and it's a blast of fun.

What can you bring to the team? * Helping other staff members if they need help and also communicating to them as well I look forward to meeting them of course!

Why do you think you are qualified to a part of the staff team? * I can be a good part of the staff team by helping players all around me and also improving the servers community and also staff members.

Anime? * Yes