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User name: Tom

What is your discord username? Tom Plays#6515

Please provide the Minecraft username that you are applying with TomPlaysMC_

Which position are you interested in? Helper

Have you been staff on a Minecraft server elsewhere before? Yes

If you have been staff elsewhere and are applying for a position above Moderator please provide photo evidence as well as a description of duties performed

How long have you been playing on the PokeClash Pixelmon server? About 9 days, Not sure if that affects this in any way.

How old are you? I am 14.

How many hours per week do you believe you will be able to dedicate towards performing staff duties? 10-20

Is English your first language? * Yes

Do you speak any languages other than English? If you do, please list them. I do speak a TINY bit of spanish, but english is my main.

What Country do you live in? * Austraila

What is your Timezone? * AUEST

Are you currently staff on any other servers? * Yes

You're upset that a player won't listen to your requests, what do you do? * I've never really dealt with a situation quite like this, But I would tell him to listen or I will have to contact a higher staff member, (again, never dealt with this before.)

Players start telling you that you’re an abusive Helper and start pointing out all of your flaws, but they haven’t broken any chat rules. What do you do? * In my honest mind, I would screenshot the chat and just keep it as proof that I haven't done anything wrong, because if you have proof, while a let's say, a mod asks you about it, you can send them the proof that you haven't done anything wrong.

You see two staff arguing in global Minecraft chat on the server. One is a Moderator and one is a Helper, what steps do you take? * 1. Calm down the situation 2. Ask them one by one how this started and get their thought on why it happened. 3. I would then ask other people in the chat on how it happened.

Someone accuses another player of hacking while you are on the server, what do you do? * I will afk them if they have proof and to send it to me, and if they do not have proof, I would record it myself, or ask a high staff member to help me out.

A new player joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * Tell them to stop, and if they continue mute them.

A player that has put a lot of time on the server joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * I would ask them to stop, and if they do. ask them why they started doing it, and if they don't I would do the same thing, and say "Why are you doing this" or "Are you okay"

Someone lets you know that their friend is abusing a bug but they don't have any more information to provide, what steps do you take? * I would ask them to try and get more information.

A player directly messages you saying that they've donated over an hour ago and it hasn't gone through yet, what do you do? * I will direct message them back saying "Okay, Are you 100% sure it went through, if I hasn't come in, I will contact a higher staff member and let them know.

If there were no staff on the Minecraft server, to whom or where would someone report a player / bug? * Report it to discord or tag one of the staff members that are online on the discord server itself.

Name 7 Pokemon that are evolved through trade * 1. Kadabra into Alakazam 2. Haunter into Gengar 3. Machoke into Machamp 4. Phantump into trevenant 5. Boldore into Gigalith 6. Onix into Steelix w/ Metal Coat 7. Porygon2 into PorygonZ w/ Dubious Disc.

How would someone evolve an Eevee into a Sylveon? * Level up, Once your eevee has at least two affection hearts and knows a fairy type move, level it up again, Once it levels up, Assuming the conditions have been met, it should immediatly evolve into sylveon.

Name 5 move types that are super-effective against Grass type Pokemon * Water, Ground, Rock, Fire, Steel

What is the latest generation of Pokemon that Pixelmon Reforged has added? * 7.5.5c

What would you rate yourself out of 10 when describing your level of maturity? * 7

How do you deal with stress? * I just listen to music on my phone.

How would you go about fixing a mistake that you made on the server if someone informed you that you made one? * I would immediately apologise, and ask what I did wrong

Why do you want to part of the PokeClash staff team? * I want to be apart of this team because i've gotten to know the community really well i and think i'd be a good fit because i've had past expericene being staff on a pixelmon server, it closed now, but i grabbed some skills needed to be staff on that server to be staff here,

What can you bring to the team? * I can bring funny things, I'm just overall a normal person just looking to help people out and I can do that because I'm a very helpful person and I just love doing it.

Why do you think you are qualified to a part of the staff team? * I think I have the right skills to be apart the team, because I've gathered other skills needed from other servers that I was previously staff on, and I have a lot of time on my hands, so i'd think that ties in well with the time needed to spend on the server, and because I've come know the community even know though I've only been on for 9 days, I've come to know it very well.

Anime? * Yes
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Sorry, Forgot to put my acutal user lol, my bad, I think you'll already know what it is.

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