Staff member
Username: Vizikz

What is your discord username? Vizikz

Please provide the Minecraft username that you are applying with Vizikz

Which position are you interested in? Helper

Have you been staff on a Minecraft server elsewhere before? Yes

If you have been staff elsewhere and are applying for a position above Moderator please provide photo evidence as well as a description of duties performed

How long have you been playing on the PokeClash Pixelmon server? I began 4 hours after it opened up to the public

How old are you? 20

How many hours per week do you believe you will be able to dedicate towards performing staff duties? 10-20

Is English your first language? * Yes

Do you speak any languages other than English? If you do, please list them. No

What Country do you live in? * United States

What is your Timezone? * EST

Are you currently staff on any other servers? * No

You're upset that a player won't listen to your requests, what do you do? * If we're speaking about someone who isn't listening in terms of paying attention to what I say/noticing that I'm attempting to get their attention, it would obviously be a trial and error of saying their name, tpa request, etc (punishments would be given out if it was something breaking the rules). but if it's blatant ignoring out of disrespect, they'd get the appropriate punishments for their actions. snide remarks, or retaliations against their actions would just cause more issues.

Players start telling you that you’re an abusive Helper and start pointing out all of your flaws, but they haven’t broken any chat rules. What do you do? * I would direct them to the higher-ups if they indeed have a problem with me and my actions; and other than that, I would advise them to drop the topic outside of public chat since it's a topic that will only cause drama.

You see two staff arguing in global Minecraft chat on the server. One is a Moderator and one is a Helper, what steps do you take? * id go into staff chat before attempting to break it apart to not call them out in public, and then figure out what caused the problem so we can find a way to at least settle the issue in the moment.

Someone accuses another player of hacking while you are on the server, what do you do? * I would direct them to report the player to the higher-ups, and to provide any evidence they can towards their claim. besides that, i would advise them to drop the topic, and that we'd handle the situation however is needed.

A new player joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * state the rules, make them aware - who knows, maybe they just didnt know (even though its common sense). if they continue after the breakdown of the rules of the server, a warning would most likely be the best course of action.

A player that has put a lot of time on the server joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * for this, it would be the same as the new player, but the end result here would most likely turn towards a mute rather than a warning. theyve been on the server for awhile. they know better than that.

Someone lets you know that their friend is abusing a bug but they don't have any more information to provide, what steps do you take? * Thank them for their admittance, let the higher-ups know so they can take the required steps needed to lay-out the situation and decide the best course of actions, and help out where needed. sadly though, without proof, it's hard to decide the outcome if nothing is in the logs.

A player directly messages you saying that they've donated over an hour ago and it hasn't gone through yet, what do you do? * Check the store page on the website, see if there's any purchases from them. if there aren't, and none of the higher-ups see a transaction waiting to be approved, let them know they may need to try again - as it seems their purchase didnt go through correctly.

If there were no staff on the Minecraft server, to whom or where would someone report a player / bug? * #bug-reports, or you could always dm one of the higher-ups if it was regarding a player - for secrecy of course

Name 7 Pokemon that are evolved through trade * Kadabra, Machoke, Haunter, Slowpoke, Scyther, Feebas, Porygon

How would someone evolve an Eevee into a Sylveon? * High friendship, know a fairy move, and in a sunflower plains or flower forest.

Name 5 move types that are super-effective against Grass type Pokemon * Fire, Flying, Bug, Poison, Ice

What is the latest generation of Pokemon that Pixelmon Reforged has added? * 8.1.2

What would you rate yourself out of 10 when describing your level of maturity? * 8

How do you deal with stress? * I distract myself with other things to keep my mind off the source until I'm able to rationally handle the situation

How would you go about fixing a mistake that you made on the server if someone informed you that you made one? * Apologize and figure out the course of actions that caused the error so I know what not to do again.

Why do you want to part of the PokeClash staff team? * As before, I just love being able to have more of an upper hand to help the community. I can always give the knowledge I know without staff rank, but this just allows me to do more for everyone.

What can you bring to the team? * One extra body to handle the speed of growth for this amazing server and community. Jokes aside, besides my experience being various staff ranks from helper all the way up to a co-owner at one point, due to my constant time at work the best I can promise - though that doesn't mean nothing more will be gained - is my ability to help the players with info they may not know. Another staff member that the community can hopefully call a friend, and ensure a good image of what you're trying to build here.

Why do you think you are qualified to a part of the staff team? * I think I'm qualified due to the hope of my past experiences, and what I know will be enough to make me reliable enough to be a dependable member of the team.

Anime? * Yes