Staff member
Username: x3g_xeyron

What is your discord username? x3g xeyron

Please provide the Minecraft username that you are applying with x3g_xeyron

Which position are you interested in? Helper

Have you been staff on a Minecraft server elsewhere before? Yes

If you have been staff elsewhere and are applying for a position above Moderator please provide photo evidence as well as a description of duties performed

How long have you been playing on the PokeClash Pixelmon server? 4 days 9 hours

How old are you? 12

How many hours per week do you believe you will be able to dedicate towards performing staff duties? 10-20

Is English your first language? * No

Do you speak any languages other than English? If you do, please list them. French , Spanish

What Country do you live in? * France

What is your Timezone? * UTC+1

Are you currently staff on any other servers? * Yes

You're upset that a player won't listen to your requests, what do you do? * I don't insist

Players start telling you that you’re an abusive Helper and start pointing out all of your flaws, but they haven’t broken any chat rules. What do you do? * I tell them to calm down because I am here to help them and not to be criticized

You see two staff arguing in global Minecraft chat on the server. One is a Moderator and one is a Helper, what steps do you take? * I try to calm them down the time to call a more senior

Someone accuses another player of hacking while you are on the server, what do you do? * I ask for proof of this hacking and if this proof is real I call vince

A new player joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * whether he is new or old I tell him to calm down if he does not calm down there will be a penalty

A player that has put a lot of time on the server joins and starts saying derogatory things, what do you do? * ask to stop

Someone lets you know that their friend is abusing a bug but they don't have any more information to provide, what steps do you take? * I warn the staff and I try to get more information about this bug

A player directly messages you saying that they've donated over an hour ago and it hasn't gone through yet, what do you do? * I talk to vince because I'm only a helper and I can't do anything for him so my message is "I talk to the staff and I answer you as soon as possible".

If there were no staff on the Minecraft server, to whom or where would someone report a player / bug? * send a message to the team, or put it in the 'bug-reports' channel.

Name 7 Pokemon that are evolved through trade * Gravalanch Spectrum Kadabra Machopeur Géolithe Gurduur Carabing

How would someone evolve an Eevee into a Sylveon? * it is necessary to gain 2 hearts of affection and to make it rise of level to make it evolve

Name 5 move types that are super-effective against Grass type Pokemon * fire, ice, bug, flying and poison

What is the latest generation of Pokemon that Pixelmon Reforged has added? * this is the 8th generation

What would you rate yourself out of 10 when describing your level of maturity? * 9

How do you deal with stress? * I manage it very well

How would you go about fixing a mistake that you made on the server if someone informed you that you made one? * I listen carefully to my mistake and remain calm

Why do you want to part of the PokeClash staff team? * I find the waiter friendly I know the helpers well they are like my friends and I speak French because it is my native language

What can you bring to the team? * a help, a reinforcement and to be able to help to dialogue with the person fr

Why do you think you are qualified to a part of the staff team? * I have knowledge that I think some helpers don't have

Anime? * Yes